Marvel Has Reportedly Begun Filming Its Highly Anticipated Loki Series

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January 27, 2020  10:43 AM



There hasn’t been that much news about Loki the past few weeks, but it looks like Marvel has finally begun filming the highly anticipated live-action series.  

According to a report by Charles Murphy, the founder and co-host of the podcast Murphy’s Law, Marvel has begun working on the principal photography of Tom Hiddleston’s upcoming Disney+ series, Loki. Though Marvel fans have yet to see photos taken from the set of the series, Murphy promises his followers that the series has just begun filming last week.

"I'm not sure that the right people will see this, but I can promise you that Loki did begin filming last week," the podcaster wrote on a post on Twitter over the weekend, "I can't believe that people might not comprehend that these productions aren't always shot in public and that they use a stage at times, which is the case here."

Murphy doses make a point. Production on comic book series can be done indoors. Marvel has been working on the principal photography of WandaVision for a while now, but the production has only recently begun filming outdoors, allowing fans to see set photos. Marvel could focus filming Loki indoors and then move to outdoor sets as production continues.

Right now there’s a whole lot of secrecy surrounding Loki. There’s barely any information on what Marvel is planning for the show, though fans do know that time travel is going to be an important component of the series. There have also been rumors about Loki featuring the very first female iteration of the Asgardian God of Mischief, though we’ve yet to see whether those rumors have any truth to them.

Loki is expected to premiere on Disney+ in Spring in 2021.

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