Mark Hamill Supports Popular Star Wars Video Making The Rounds Online

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August 04, 2020  11:19 AM



It looks like Star Wars legend Mark Hamill approves the popular TickTock video that’s been going around showing a Star Wars fan changing each episode in the Skywalker Saga to make them seem fitter for the franchise.

Taking to Twitter, the Star Wars actor decided to share a brand new Star Wars TickTock video that’s been making the rounds online. The video shows a Star Wars fan switching the titles of every Skywalker saga movie so that they’d fit the franchise better, and somehow, a lot others have been agreeing with the post.

In the video, the fan goes through each of Star Wars’ main nine episodes to show how each movie was given the wrong title. The fan then offers the “correct” title for the movie.

Nodding to his role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Hamill reposted the video with a hashtag quoting one of Luke Skywalker’s best lines in Episode VIII.

You can check out the tweet down here:



Hamill’s always been a joker (pun intended), and the Star Wars legend has always been active on social media. It makes sense to see the actor sharing a Star Wars fan video that’s resonated with most of the Star Wars fanbase.

Now that the Skywalker saga has come to an end, we know that Hamill can no longer return as Luke Skywalker. However, the actor could very well make a few cameo appearances if need be. Let’s wait and see.

The Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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