Mark Hamill On Whether Luke Skywalker Returns In Star Wars: Episode IX

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July 02, 2018  11:00 AM

Star Wars fans might still be holding on to the hope of seeing Luke Skywalker making an appearance in Episode IX, but Star Wars legend Mark Hamill says that he has no idea whether or not he’s going to return in the final film of the sequel trilogy.

Hamill just recently went on an interview with Collider to speak about potential future projects, and during the discussion with the publication, The Last Jedi star was asked whether or not he was going to make his way back in Episode IX.

"I don't know. I'm the last to know. I like it that way. I like surprises, but when I know something, I'll let you know,” the Star Wars legend responded.

Of course, while it’s possible that Hamill really has no idea whether or not he’s going to be part of Episode IX, the actor also wouldn’t give out any information if he was part of the project either. Hamill might be a big prankster, but he’s not one to give out spoilers. Not one as large as a potential Luke Skywalker cameo at least.

Star Wars fans who’ve seen the latest installment in the Star Wars saga know that Luke gave up his life to save the resistance in The Last Jedi, disappearing into the Force in the midst of a twin sunset on Ahch-To.  It might have been one of the most dramatic ways to go, but Star Wars fans have still been hoping to see Luke even as a Force Ghost in Episode IX.

Do you think Luke might pop-up in Episode IX? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Lucasfilm’s latest release, Solo: A Star Wars Story is currently screening in cinemas.



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