Mark Hamill Explains to the Russos the Importance of Luke’s Deleted Star Wars Introduction Scene

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July 01, 2020  11:49 AM



Like all films, Star Wars: A New Hope had a few deleted scenes that were eventually shared with fans in a Special Edition copy that George Lucas released in 1997.

While some of these scenes do very little to change the overall direction or tone of the iconic space opera, Star Wars legend Mark Hamill wishes that one particular scene that was left on the cutting room floor would have been included in the movie’s theatrical release.

Speaking in an interview with Joe and Anthony Russo in an episode of the Marvel director’s YouTube show the Russo Brothers’ Pizza Film School, the Star Wars actor talks about a deleted scene that he wishes would have been kept in A New Hope.

The scene in question is Luke’s introduction in the film. In the deleted version of the sequence, fans get to see Luke reunite with his friend Biggs Darklighter.

"It's in the novelization, and I totally get why they cut it, because they wanted Luke to come into the story organically, when the robots get sold at the Jawa auction, and this is a distraction. You go, 'Who's that guy?'" Hamill told the Russo brothers.

The Star Wars legend wanted the scene to be kept in place because not only would it have established how Luke had been looked down upon by his peers, but it would have also given the character an altered perception of the Empire (since enlisting in the Imperial squadron would have given the young farmer boy the opportunity to leave Tattoine).

"The only reason I'm telling you this, he goes off to the teen club at Tosche Station, there a couple of things that are good for the character. Number one, he is ridiculed roundly by his peers. So he's not particularly cool or popular,” Hamill continued explaining, “Koo Stark is the only other female in the movie... she calls me 'Wormie'... So I am not popular. Then I bump into Biggs Darklighter, played by Garrick Hagon, and I go 'Wow!' You can see we're old friends... He's dressed in an Imperial uniform and I'm going, 'Wow! That's so great! I can't wait until I can get off the dump of a planet and join with you.'"

Of course, the scene was also supposed to change Luke’s mind about the Empire.

"And [Biggs] takes me outside and says, 'Luke, I gotta let you know, as soon as I get the chance, I am going to jump ship and join the Rebels.'"

The scene does help add depth to Luke’s history in Tattoine, but Lucas probably wanted to streamline the movie. While the scene isn’t available on the original copy of A New Hope, it is available on the home release of the movie.

The Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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