Lord of the Rings Aragorn Star Reportedly Being Considered For Doctor Doom Role In MCU

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September 13, 2019  04:26 PM


It looks like Marvel may be looking to bring a Lord of the Rings star to play Doctor Doom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to a report by Cosmic Book News, there are rumors that Lord of the Rings’ Aragorn actor Viggo Mortensen is being eyed to play Doctor Doom for Marvel. There have been quite a number of Marvel rumors as of late, and according to the entertainment news outlet, Marvel is hoping to bring Doctor Doom and Galactus into the MCU as “Endgame-type” villains.

Though we do advise fans to take the report with a grain of salt, it’s definitely interesting to hear that Marvel might be considering Mortensen for the Doctor Doom role. Aside from his role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Mortensen is known for taking on films like A History of Violence, Far From Men and Green Book. The Golden Globe-nominated actor has yet to star in a comic book movie, let along join a comic book film franchise.

For those who aren’t familiar with the character, Doctor Doom is a Marvel villain closely tied to the Fantastic Four. Gifted with abilities like technopathy, energy absorption and projection, mind transference, and demonic summoning, the lord of Latveria is a popular comic book villain that Marvel fans would love to see on the big screen.

Unfortunately, fans would probably have to wait for a while to see Doctor Doom join the MCU. Marvel has yet to establish the X-Men into the franchise, and we’re not quite sure whether the studio would begin introducing the mutants in Phase 5 of the MCU. Let’s just wait and see.

In the meantime, catch other Marvel superheroes on Disney+ when it launches in the US on November 12.

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