Joker Gets Recommended for All of the Academy Awards Categories by Warner Brothers

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October 30, 2019  02:00 PM



It looks like Warner Brothers has officially begun the Oscar campaign for Joker.

Now that Todd Phillip’s gritty character study of Gotham’s Clown Prince of Crime is moving towards the end of its theatrical release, Warner Brothers has decided to release its “For Your Consideration” list of recommended award categories the studio thinks Joker should be nominated for at the Awards circuit.

The studio just recently put up a “For Your Consideration” website for Joker and it looks like the studio’s listed the film for all of the Academy Awards different categories including Best Picture. It also has Todd Phillips listed for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay together with Scott Silver. Of course, the studio has Joaquin Phoenix listed under Best Actor with Robert De Niro listed as Best Supporting Actor. Zazie Beetz and Frances Conroy have both been listed under Best Supporting actress.

Warner Brothers sure is making a major push for Joker – though it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the critical acclaim that the film has received. Not only has the comic book movie been praised left and right by fans and by critics, but it’s also received the highest award at this year’s Venice Film Festival during the movie’s world premiere. It’s also been a major commercial success. The film is already managed to rake in $853.8 million at the global box office, beating Deadpool to become the highest-grossing R-rated movie in cinematic history.

The film has managed to achieve all of this despite the backlash that the film received before its release.

Joker is currently screening in cinemas.

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