John Boyega Explains Why He Quit Watching Game of Thrones

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August 08, 2017  02:49 PM

Game of Thrones might be one of the most popular shows on television today, but it seems like not everyone’s on the boat to Westeros just yet.

This includes the Star War sequel trilogy’s John Boyega. Speaking in an interview with Variety about his work as a stormtrooper-turned-resistance-fighter in the massive science fiction franchise, the British actor and producer decides to open up about his recent favorite movies and television shows.

Naming Rise of the Planet of the Apes as one of his favorites of 2017, Boyega goes on to talk about Game of Thrones. Though the actor seems to be interested in the series, the young Star Wars celebrity says that he gave up on the series after watching the pilot not because of losing interest, but because he can’t wait for episodes to come out weekly.

“I’m going to wait until all the episodes are out so I can binge. I can’t do this whole ‘Next week on “Game of Thrones.”’ I don’t have the patience.”

It’s a pretty good idea for someone who hates cliffhangers but there is one problem though – spoilers. The internet is dark and full of spoilers and if you don’t keep up with the release of each episode, you’re bound to run across a witty meme of Olena Tyrell or another Game of Thrones character somewhere. We wish Boyega the best of luck!



Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres on December 15, 2017. Game of Thrones airs every Sunday at 9pm on HBO. 

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