James Cameron Says The Avatar Sequels Are Exceeding His Expectations

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - June 13, 2018

It looks like director James Cameron is pretty confident about the sequels to his 2009 science fiction epic, Avatar.

Appearing in Barcelona for the CineEurope trade show, Jon Landau, Cameron’s production partner, went up on stage to introduce a video feed of the director on set of the Avatar sequels.

During the video live feed, the director told fans that he’s already 130 days into the performance capture segment of his production. According to Deadline, one of the news outlets present during the video presentation, the director did his presentation right in front of a giant water tank saying that water actually “plays a huge part” in his upcoming Avatar sequels.

The director also told fans at the event that the Avatar movies that he’s making are going to take moviegoers to “never before seen parts of Pandora,” boasting that the early results of production “are beyond even our expectations.”

Cameron might come off a bit too confident, but the director’s comments certainly add to the anticipation over the Avatar films. It’s been years since the first Avatar movie and the director’s been going on and on about how he’s been waiting for the perfect time to work on the sequels for the film.

Avatar 2 comes out in 2020.

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