Incredibles 2 Director Brad Bird Doesn’t Want A Marvel Crossover

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - June 11, 2018

No, Incredibles and Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird isn’t interested in seeing The Incredibles have a superhero crossover with the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes over at Marvel.

Bird just recently had an IMAX and AMC question and answer session to help promote the highly anticipated sequel to his 2009 animated superhero movie The Incredibles and during the interview, the director was asked about the possibility of seeing the Incredibles joining forces with the Avengers someday.

Bird answered the question with his own, asking, “How about we keep these universes separate?”

In a separate interview with Fandango, Bird was asked the same thing, and this time the director gave an elaborate answer of why he wasn’t so excited to see a Marvel and Incredibles crossover.

“At Pixar we've always felt like Marvel is Marvel, and Pixar is Pixar, and Lucasfilm is Lucasfilm. And they serve everyone better, including Disney, if they're separate. If you start crossing them too much it's like when you blend too many colors together, it starts turning into mud. So, that may make a marketing guy's mouth water but I don't think it makes artists excited.”

The director does make a strong point. As exciting as the idea of a crossover may sound to some, too many hands spoil the broth, and to bring universes together could very well ruin the outcome of an Incredibles movie. Maybe it would work if we were talking about another Kingdom Hearts videogame – but seriously, it’s probably better if we let the Parr family have their own spotlight outside of the MCU.

The Incredibles hits cinemas June 13.



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