Idris Elba Wants The MCU To Have Matthew McConaughey As A Young Odin

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
August 14, 2017  07:26 PM

It seems like Golden Globe nominee Idris Elba wants Matthew McConaughey to play a younger version of Odin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Though the American actor was best known for starring in romantic comedies in the 2000’s, McConaughey’s striking performance in films like the Dallas Buyers Club and Interstellar helped in his “McConaissance” and now the Texan actor is considered as one of the A-list performers in Hollywood.

Elba seems to have enjoyed working with McConaughey in Nikolaj Arcel’science fiction western film based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, because in an interview with MTV, the Thor star thinks that it’d be great to bring McConaughey into the MCU as a younger version of Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) father.

Though we’re not sure how Marvel could make room for a young Odin when the studio is starting to close up shop on Phase 3 and move on towards Phase 4 of the MCU, the idea of having McConaughey playing a younger version of Anthony Hopkin’s Odin is certainly intriguing. Maybe the studio could try to work on a flashback, or maybe a spinoff film? Maybe a movie in alternate universe? These guesses seem to be too wild to even seriously consider though.



Elba is set to reprise his role as Heimdall in Thor: Ragnarok which premieres on November 3, 2017.

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