Here’s Why Marvel Added Planet Hulk Into Thor: Ragnarok

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - October 12, 2017

Though Thor: Ragnarok might be the Chris Hemsworth’s third solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Australian actor’s Asgardian God of Thunder is sharing the big screen with Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk.

While it may seem like an odd decision to mix the end of Asgard with elements of Marvel Comics Planet Hulk, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige explains in an interview with Screen Rant that the reason the two very different storylines was because the studio wanted to bring the two most powerful warriors in the MCU together on a space trip on the big screen.

“We wanted to introduce Hela in this movie, and there’s Balder and there’s Beta Ray Bill and there’s still people we haven’t done yet because he’s got such a great cast of characters,” the Marvel bigwig elaborated. “But in terms of other Marvel characters we kept thinking about how fun it would be if we took our two most heroic, most powerful characters, Thor and Hulk, pit them against each other and but also play the humor and the fish-out-of-water humor between Thor and Banner. And that led us to, maybe that plane at the end of Ultron did go into space, and maybe this is a chance to see gladiator Hulk.”

It seems like Marvel wanted to end Thor’s trilogy with a bang, squeezing in the best elements of Ragnarok and Planet Hulk together to diversify the film’s story and its characters. Though it might sound too much, positive reviews to early screening of Ragnarok says that Marvel’s decision to mix in everything works, and we’re excited to see Taika Waititi’s treatment of the film when it premieres next month.

Ragnarok hits cinemas November 3, 2017.



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