Here’s Our First Look At X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s Introduction Of Dazzler

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June 12, 2019  02:48 PM


X-Men: Dark Phoenix might have been a total flop when it premiered last week, but the film did bring a surprise came of a classic X-Men character that wowed the fanbase. In the film, fans got to see the mutant pop star Allison Blaire, X-Men’s stunning Dazzler.

Though Dazzler’s role was pretty brief in Dark Phoenix, fans pretty much enjoyed seeing the classic mutant character being brought to the big screen.

Now, we get to see an image of The Orville star Halston Sage acting as Dazzler in Dark Phoenix. Check it out down here:

Speaking in an interview with Cinema Blend, Dark Phoenix writer and director Simon Kinberg talks about Dazzler’s appearance in the film, explaining why she didn’t have much of a part in the movie.

“I didn't want to get into too many other characters,” Kinberg says. “In the original 'Dark Phoenix Saga,' you have the Hellfire Club, you have Lilandra and the Shi'ar. There are a lot of other storylines to service and I wanted to boil the movie down to the essentials emotionally and then throw in a few cameos. I'm just a huge Dazzler fan from the comics and there was an opportunity in the scene that she's in for someone to be singing at a party and it was like, why not?”

For the uninitiated, Dazzler was first introduced into the Marvel Comic Universe during the events of the “Dark Phoenix Saga.” It’s only right that Dazzler appears in Dark Phoenix.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is currently screening in cinemas.

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