Here’s How Niantic Plans To Bring Legendary Pokemon To Pokemon Go

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
June 19, 2017  11:46 AM

News that Niantic would be shutting down gyms in Pokemon Go to start working on the big overhaul on the augmented reality videogame’s gym system has been going around for a while, and now the company just officially announced that it would be closing the gyms later today. While it has not been included in the official press release, a number of websites are reporting that Niantic will also be introducing Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go through the new gym system.

Reports by multiple sites including Massively Overpowered say that they were able to speak to Niantic officials during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo and were able to take a firsthand look at the game’s raid system.  According to these sites, Pokemon Go players can get a special code giving them access to a Legendary Pokemon later in the future by actively using the new gym gameplay.

Although this does not specify when exactly in the future Niantic is planning to release these Legendary Pokemon, it does indicate that the developer is really working on bringing Legendaries to Pokemon Go. The developer’s idea of gifting gamers with codes to the Legendaries after actively using the new gym system is also a pretty great way to get more players to use the new system, and to get back into the game.  The only question now is whether these codes will lead to a special Legendary Pokemon raide event, or a different encounter for Pokemon Go gamers.

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