Henry Cavill Reportedly Reprising His Role as Superman in DCEU

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May 22, 2020  04:29 PM



DC fans were met with exciting news this week when Warner Brothers announced that it would be releasing Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League on HBO Max. The DC fanbase has been demanding for the Snyder Cut of Justice League ever since the film released in November 2017. The film was a major flop for the DC Extended Universe, and fans attributed the film’s failings to the interference of Warner Brothers and Joss Whedon.

Now, as fans continue to celebrate the Snyder Cut’s upcoming release, a new report suggests another exciting announcement – Henry Cavill may be returning as Superman.

According to a report by Cosmic Book News, DC fans may see Cavill reprising his role as the DCEU’s Man of Steel. The British actor made a surprise appearance during the Man of Steel Watch Party together with Zack Snyder, an event which leads to the Snyder Cut announcement.



Though Cavill has been doubtful about the Snyder Cut’s release in the past, Cosmic Book News suggests that the actor’s surprise appearance during the Man of Steel watch party may mean his return in the DCEU.

Cavill hasn’t been officially axed from the DC film franchise, however, there haven’t been any roles for Superman announced in any of the upcoming DC entries. In fact, there were rumors back in 2018 saying that Cavill had been fired from the DCEU – though Warner Brothers has long since allayed those reports.

It would definitely be great to see Cavill wear Kal-El’s cape again. With his physique and talent, Cavill has the potential to be an even greater superman than the one we’ve met in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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