Henry Cavill Has Fans Concerned About His Future As Superman

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July 20, 2019  03:04 PM



It looks like Henry Cavill’s future as the DC Extended Universe’s Superman is being put into question again.

Speaking with fans during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Cavill came face to face with a question about his role as Kal-El and the actor’s reaction has fans wondering whether or not he still has the role. Cavill’s reaction to the question has been posted on Twitter, and fans seem to take the DC star’s body language as a sign of doubt.

Check out the video here:

Of course, fans could be taking Cavill’s response to the question in the wrong light. After all, the actor didn’t explicitly say that he was going to quit being Superman. Perhaps he was just a bit shocked by the fan’s question. Perhaps he was tired.  

Last year, rumors started spreading that Cavill was going to exit from his role as DC’s Man of Steel so that he could focus on his other projects. Not only was the actor able to branch out and take on a villain role in Mission: Impossible, but Cavill was able to land the lead role in Netflix’s highly anticipated live-action adaptation of The Witcher book series.

We’re still hoping that Cavill stays on as Superman though. Sure, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League may have been troublesome films, but Cavill is perfect for the role, and we’re hoping to see more of him on the big screen. Hopefully, we’ll get more news about the future of the DCEU as SDCC rolls along this weekend.

DC’s latest release, Joker, premieres on October 4.

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