HBO Executive Says That Watchmen Season 2 Is Still A Possibility

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January 17, 2020  04:43 PM



For the past few days, Watchmen fans have been coming to terms with the possibility that the series might not be returning for a second season. HBO declared that the second batch of episodes of the well-received live-action series all depended on showrunner Damon Lindelof, and this week the creator of the television sequel to Alan Moore’s Watchmen comics revealed that he wouldn’t really stick around to work on another season for the show.

While this disappointed many, fans have been trying to accept the news knowing that Lindelof did say time and time again before the series began that Watchmen was supposed to be a one-season series. Now it seems like HBO is backtracking its little revelation.

HBO Head of Programming Casey Bloys just recently shared an article from Decided indicating the opposite of what everyone’s been reporting – Watchmen ending with only one season on HBO. Taking to Twitter, the HBO television executive shared an article saying that season 2 of Watchmen is still quite a possibility despite the many reports saying otherwise.

This comes as another major twist in the call for another batch of episodes from Watchmen. Could Lindelof have changed his mind? Could HBO have convinced the showrunner to change his mind? Or, could the network be planning on moving on with another season of the series with another director or showrunner in mind?

HBO replacing Lindelof with another showrunner seems like a possibility – the series creator did say that he didn’t really mind. Let’s wait and see what becomes of this story.

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