HBO Decides To Submit The Worst Game Of Thrones Episodes For 2019 Emmys

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June 12, 2019  04:23 PM


Game of Thrones might have been one of the biggest shows on television for the past few years, but there’s been quite a lot of ire against the fantasy epic’s eighth and final season on HBO. Not only was the series ill-paced, but there were a lot of hurried story-telling decisions that made the series lose what made it great.

Now, nearly a month after Game of Thrones series finale, a new report says that HBO is submitting the worst episodes of season eight for awards.

 According to a report by TV Guide, the network has decided to submit a number of Game of Thrones season 8 episodes for Emmy Consideration. The only problem is that the episodes being considered for awards are those with the poorest ratings in Game of Thrones’ television history.

Miguel Sapochnik the episode director of The Long Night, David Nutter episode director of The Last of the Starks, and D.B. Weiss and David Benioff directors of The Iron Throne, have all been petitioned for the award for Best Directing at the Emmys. D&D’s script for The Iron Throne was also submitted for the Best Writing Category.

Readers should know that these episodes didn’t sit particularly well with the Game of Thrones fanbase. The Last of the Starks, The Bells, and The Iron Throne had some of the lowest ratings and the poorest reviews. We honestly don’t understand why HBO would ignore the backlash against the final season and submit the worst episodes to the Emmys.

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