General Hux Star Domnhall Gleeson Regrets Reading The Script For Star Wars: Episode IX

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August 29, 2018  08:13 PM



Sure, some Star Wars fans might swear that they’d give up their limbs just so they can get to learn more details about the next installment in Lucasfilm’s sequel trilogy, but it looks like Domnhall Gleeson has nothing but regret reading Star Wars: Episode IX’s script.

The British actor just recently went on an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast this week, and during his discussion with the podcast’s hosts, Gleeson revealed that he regrets reading the entire script for Episode IX. According to Star Wars’ General Hux, he’s pretty burdened by the knowledge he’s gained after reading the script, saying that he’s afraid that he just might accidentally spoil the film while falling asleep in public transportation vehicles.

"I made the terrible mistake of reading the script, I know everything," Gleeson said during the interview. "The nightmare is falling asleep on public transport... The nightmare is you wake up on a plane and someone's dictating. You wake up and your mouth is shaping words, you wake up and you're like 'Skywalker did this.' And then you realize you don't know how long you've been speaking, and there's a kid filming, there's somebody writing it down. And because you're in the air, you say 'We need to have a talk before we land, I can access my bank account.'"

Gleeson is definitely going to have to keep his guard up. Star Wars: Episode IX is one of the most highly anticipated films of 2019, and some fans would do anything to leech off information about what’s going to happen in the third and final sequel trilogy installment.

News outlets are going to try to pry information off of him too. It won’t be easy for Gleeson, especially when Episode IX begins its marketing campaign and he has to do the obligatory press circuit. The public can also be sensitive to information that they might see as a tease or as a hint at the film’s story – so Gleeson ought to be extra careful.

Star Wars: Episode IX hits cinemas December 20, 2019.

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