Game of Thrones Finale Nearly Killed Aquaman’s Jason Momoa

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May 22, 2019  10:18 PM



Game of Thrones fans aren’t the only ones mourning Daenerys Targaryen. Emilia Clarke’s onscreen husband, Jason Momoa, is also upset by the direction Game of Thrones  decided take  writing Dany’s fate.

Emilia Clarke recently posted a photo of herself on The New Yorker on Instagram and there Momoa decided to share his thoughts on the series finale of HBO’s phenomenal fantasy epic. Professing love for his former onscreen wife, the Aquaman star says that “The Iron Throne” really did a number on him.



"Baby that episode killed me,” the DC Extended Universe actor wrote before putting in, "I love you madly."

It’s hard to forget Momoa in Game of Thrones. The actor played Khal Drogo, a Dothraki leader that Daenerys was betrothed to in the first season of the series. Though the relationship began with Danny as a bride of war, the two eventually found an understanding in each other, falling in love and making a child together. Unfortunately, the series kills Drogo early in the series, the Dothraki Khal dying from an infection caused by a minor injury.

Though it’s been quite a while since Drogo’s death, Momoa and Clarke have remained close. Both Momoa and Clarke’s careers have benefited from Game of Thrones. Momoa went on to become Aquaman for DC, bringing in major profit and success for the DCEU with his first standalone film, Aquaman. Clarke also went on to star in major franchises like Terminator and Star Wars.

Game of Thrones aired its final episode last Sunday on HBO.

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