Former Star Wars Directors Phil Lord And Chris Miller Taking On A ‘Reverse ET’ Movie

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February 11, 2019  07:29 PM



Now that they’ve completed their work on Sony’s critically-acclaimed animated comic book movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller are returning to their director's chairs, this time to helm the science fiction film Last Human.

Based on a novel of the same name written by Lee Bacon, Last Human will follow the story of three robots that discover a human child together. According to a report by The Wrap, Lord and Miller will both direct the adaptation of the Last Human for Sony and will begin working on the project once they complete their work on Artemis. Shazam screenwriter Henry Gayden has been tapped to work on the script for the Last Human.

While the title of the film oddly reminds us of Children of Men, the film has been described as a “reverse E.T.” from Lord and Miller. The Last Human certainly sounds like something up Lord and Miller’s alley. Levity might be a big characteristic trait of the directorial duo’s filmography, but they both have also been known for bringing heart and emotion to their work while bringing in the laughs.

From the look of things, Lord and Miller are trying to take a break from working on big franchises after The Lego Movie and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. The directors might have proven their value after their falling out with Lucasfilm on Solo: A Star Wars Story, but it seems like Lord and Miller would rather much take on a few new films than work on another franchise story.

The Last Human has yet to receive a release date but we’ll update everyone as soon as we get word.

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