Flashpoint Movie Is Reportedly Featuring Female Version Of Reverse Flash

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January 23, 2020  05:12 PM



There might not be that many details about the DC Extended Universe’s upcoming Flashpoint movie, however, new reports suggest that the comic book movie may be letting Jessica Chastain play the gender-witched role of Eobard Thwayne, in other words Reverse Flash.

Potential leaks for the upcoming Flash movie featuring the DC Extended Universe’s Ezra Miller just recently made its way to 4Chan (via Cosmic Book News) and according to the report, Barry Allen is going to be featured fighting villains in Central City on a daily basis. However, Barry’s life soon changes when he meets a mysterious woman named Eobard Thwayne.

The gender-bending of Reverse Flash might seem a bit odd for fans. In the comics, Thwayne is always presented as a male. Reverse Flash is well-known meta-human speedster like the Flash however, the character is also the descendant of the late Eddie Thwayne, a time criminal. Thwayne first started out as a fan of The Flash, however, the character’s obsession with Barry Allen drives him to recreate the accident that gave him his powers, and Eobard Thwayne becomes a speedster himself.  

According to the post on 4chan, filming for The Flash is set to begin in November. Warner Brothers will film in the movie in several locations in Londan, England, and in Atlanta, Georgia. Miller will reprise his role as Barry Allen, and Zero Dark Thirty and It Chapter 2 star Jessica Chastain is currently in talks to take on the role of Eobard Thwayne.

Of course, as with any rumor, we advise fans to take this report with a grain of salt. Let’s just wait for official announcements from Warner Brothers.

The Flashpoint is set for release on July 1, 2022.  

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