Fast and Furious Franchise Just as Profitable as Marvel

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May 22, 2020  03:45 PM



The Fast and Furious film franchise might not have the same kind of hype that arrives with a Marvel movie but it turns out that the action movie media franchise is just as profitable as the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Forbes has been doing a series of articles about various film franchises and their box office success and it seems like the publication has decided to do a little study on the profitability Fast & Film franchise in comparison with that of Marvel’s.

Turns out, both franchises do just as well as each other. Sure, the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have gathered about $22.577 billion in terms of box office revenue ever since it first launched Iron Man in 2008, however, Marvel Studios spent a lot in the production of these films.

According to Forbes, the studio spent $4.529 billion to develop the films in the MCU, meaning that the franchise only has a 4.99x rate-of-return. That makes the MCU only slightly more profitable than the films in the Fast and Furious franchise with its 4.88x rate-of-return.

In fact, Marvel isn’t the most profitable franchise. It ranks eighth in Forbe’s study – right below Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Shrek, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and Despicable Me.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the MCU is any less loved. It might be one of the most popular franchises to date, probably as popular or even more popular than Star Wars. Guess Marvel doesn’t mind spending a lot to make sure that fans are happy with the films they produce.

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