EA Has Limited The Credits Gamers Can Earn On Star Wars Battlefront II’s Arcade Mode

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - November 14, 2017

EA might have slashed the credit costs of the unlockable characters in Star Wars Battlefront II after its initial response to gamer’s concerns with the Battlefront sequel were met with outrage, however it seems like the publisher might have another controversy on their hands.

Game Informer Andrew Reiner has been able to play Star Wars Battlefront II on free trail, and he’s just recently posed a concern on Twitter regarding the game’s “Arcade” mode. While gamers might have been expecting to earn some easy credits outside the game’s hectic multiplayer mode and its first player campaign by logging on to its Arcade Mode, Reiner’s just discovered that EA has limited players ability to earn credits on the game by putting a timer to the next credit-earning challenge.

Based on the gamer’s tweet, it seems like the publisher’s restricted player’s ability to binge play the Arcade mode to earn more credits to unlock characters, making them wait for 14 hours before earning anything else. Based on the post’s thread, it seems like EA has limited gamers to five challenges before making the cut off, forcing them to wait for more than half a day.

This is going to be met with more outrage from fans. Sure Arcade challenges can give gamers more than 200 credits, they’ll need a whole lot just to unlock Darth Vader’s 15,000 credit cost. This really doesn’t look good for EA.

Star Wars Battlefront hits shelves this week, November 17, 2017.



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