Disneyland Reportedly Building Sit Down Restaurant At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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July 10, 2019  01:11 PM


It looks like Disney is slowly adding to the attractions and dining options available at Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

According to a report by Fantha Tracks, there’s a new post claiming that a sit-down restaurant is currently being developed for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at the Disneyland location. Though the restaurant name  is yet to be revealed, the post says that the development of the restaurant is currently being “fast-tracked.” The establishment is expected to be built behind Oga’s Cantina in the Star Wars theme park.

While Star Wars fans should wait for an official confirmation from Disneyland regarding the restaurant, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see Disneyland expanding Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The Star Wars theme park is relatively new and has very little to offer compared to other parks in Disneyland.

 Crowd sizes at the Star Wars theme park haven’t been as large as what analysts initially predicted because according to some fans they’d rather wait for Disneyland to add more things to Galaxy’s Edge than spend a fortune on a park that barely has anything in it.

Hopefully, the restaurant helps Galaxy’s Edge gain more guests. According to the report by Fantha Tracks, the Cantina has been one of the biggest attractions in the Star Wars theme park in terms of foot traffic. An additional restaurant would probably do just as well.

Let’s wait and see what kind of restaurant Disney plans to build at Galaxy’s Edge.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is open at Disneyland and is set to open at Walt Disney World on August 29.

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