Disney Takes Out Mar-Vell’s Name From Jude Law’s Description On Captain Marvel Website

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December 27, 2018  08:58 PM



Earlier today, the internet heard a resounding echo of “i knew it” after Marvel fans noticed that Duisney had put in Mar-Vell’s name in its description of Jude Law’s character in the official website the studio put up for Captain Marvel .

The accidental confirmation didn’t come as quite a surprise to the fanbase. While some were wary that Law would actually be playing a villain in Marvel’s first female-led comic book movie, many had already suspected that actor would be playing Mar-Vell.

However, it seems like Disney’s  decided to take the confirmation back, taking out the caption describing Law as the leader of Starforce, Mar-Vell.  The description came after Disney updated the Captain Marvel website with a bunch of stills from the film including a previously-released photo of Law standing next to Brie Larson in his Kree Starforce training outfit.

Now, instead of writing him as Mar-Vell, Disney has changed the caption to Law being “the leader of Starforce.”

Whoever’s in charge of the Captain Marvel website must be in a whole lot of trouble now because it looks like Marvel did not mean to let Law’s role slip out the way it did. Law’s role in the film has been pretty well-guarded – until now that is.

Of course, this could also be another clever method of misdirection from Marvel. The studio might be trying to mislead the fanbase, making them think that Law could be Mar-Vell when he’s actually playing a different role in the film.

Captain Marvel is scheduled to premiere on March 8, 2019.

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