Disney Plans To Offer Hulu Internationally After Fox Acquisition

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
November 08, 2018  08:54 PM

It looks like the arrival of the X-Men, Fantastic Four and all of Fox’s other mutants isn’t the only thing to look forward to after Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s various film and television assets. Now that Disney is finalizing its purchase with an eye to complete the acquisition next year, the Mickey Mouse House plans to offer Hulu internationally.

Disney just recently had an earnings call, and during the company’s meeting Disney President Bob Iger opened up about the Mickey Mouse House’s plans for the streaming service (via Comic Book). While Hulu is currently owned by Hulu LLC, the company is in a joint venture with Disney which holds a 30% stake in the company, 21st Century Fox which holds another 30 %, Comcast which also holds 30% and AT&T which holds 10% stake.

When Disney finishes acquiring Fox, the company will then have a 60% stake at Hulu LLC, making it the majority vote of the streaming service.

According to Iger, one of Disney’s plans is to take advantage of Hulu’s content while it’s creating its own streaming site.   With a controlling stake at the company, Disney can now take steps to secure the rights for its programs and offering its content internationally.

This is definitely positive news for many around the globe who’ve been resorting to other methods just to watch shows like Marvel’s Runaways and The Handmaids Tale. It will also benefit Hulu itself, giving the site more subscribers and thus more earnings.

Hopefully, Disney will detail more of its plans for Hulu once it finalizes its acquisition of Fox.

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