Disney Is Downplaying Avengers: Infinity War’s Oscar Campaign To Focus On Black Panther

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By Tiny Diapana | More Articles
October 11, 2018  12:08 PM


Avengers: Infinity War may have experienced wave after wave of overwhelming critical and commercial success after its release in May this year, but it looks like Disney doesn’t want to campaign for the film at the Oscars.

While it’s been pretty clear how hard the Mickey Mouse House has been pushing for Black Panther to win at the Oscars next year, it looks like Disney’s been holding out on Infinity War.

The studio’s “For Your Consideration” promo website set up for this year’s Oscar campaign has Black Panther suggested for around 20 categories (not counting the individual names it has listed down for the movie).

Meanwhile,  Infinity War just has one, and that’s for the Best Visual Effects category listing the names of Dan Deleeuw, Kelly Port, Russell Earl, and Dan Sudick.

What’s even worse is that the studio also has Black Panther listed for the same category, putting down the names of Geoffrey Baumann, Jesse James Chisholm, Craig Hammack, and Dan Suddick.

Based on what’s been placed on Disney’s “For Your Consideration” site, it’s pretty clear that the studio is placing its best on Black Panther, thinking that the film deserves more of a Best Picture nomination than Infinity War does.

Of course, Black Panther does deserve recognition – after all, the film made waves as the first mostly-black comic book movie proving that audiences were looking for diversity and representation in media. However, to others, it might seem a little bit unfair that Disney is downplaying Infinity War.

Can’t the two be listed for the same categories? Or does Disney have more faith in Black Panther than it does in Infinity War?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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