Dee Bradley Baker is Excited to See George Lucas’ Plans in Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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February 21, 2020  12:20 PM



Star Wars’ Dee Bradley Baker has been voicing characters in the galaxy far, far away for years and now the voice actor is making his return in the seventh season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Bradley is lending his voice to the Bad Batch, a unique group of clones that fans are going to meet in the premiere of The Clone Wars Season 7.    

Speaking in an interview with io9 Gizmodo, Baker talks about his return in The Clone Wars. Not only is Baker excited to return to the classic Star Wars animated series, but he’s also excited to see the series realize George Lucas’ original idea for Clone Wars.

“Yeah, it’s exciting on so many levels to me. It was never something I thought we would be able to go back and finish. So I’m glad the world can finally see this whole realization of George Lucas’s original idea of the Clone Wars. And this still has some of his hands-on fingerprints, actually, from the original days we recorded—at least the first four, the Bad Batch arc,” Baker told the entertainment news outlet.

Baker says that fans are going to love the seventh season of The Clone Wars, promising an exciting finish to the series.

“I’m really excited for the fans to see it in particular,” the voice actor said.” They’re really going to be blown away. It’s exponentially more sophisticated in terms of the visuals and animation. And it’s just really great Star Wars! It’s a big, exciting finish to this grand story of the Clone Wars.”

To those interested in knowing the new unit of clones that Baker is playing in The Clone Wars Season 7, Clone Force 99, otherwise known as the Bad Batch is a Special Forces unit that originated as a batch of clones born with “desirable” genetic mutations that made them superior soldiers.

The Bad Batch is going to have quite some time in the spotlight in the last batch of episodes of The Clone Wars.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 premieres February 21, 2020.

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