Deadpool Is The Only X-Men Franchise To Continue After Disney/Fox Merger

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March 20, 2019  04:20 PM


Now that Disney’s completed its acquisition of 21st Century Fox, Marvel fans have begun expecting the arrival of the X-Men and Fantastic Four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The integration of Fox’s mutants has long since been confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger, however, Marvel has no intention of continuing the path that Fox set for the X-Men and for the Fantastic Four. The studio, does however, want to keep the Deadpool franchise just the way it is.

According to a new post by The Hollywood Reporter, while Disney plans to continue working on Fox’s upcoming X-Men projects like Dark Phoenix and New Mutants, fans shouldn’t be expecting projects from the franchises for a while. The only franchise that the studio is welcoming with open arms is Fox’s Deadpool franchise, confirming Iger’s earlier comments that Ryan Reynold’s Merc with a Mouth could still be part of the studio.

This might be disappointing news to fans. Ever since word came out that Disney was planning to acquire Fox and its various assets, fans began hoping for the arrival of the mutants in the MCU.

However, Marvel may need some time to introduce the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the franchise. Besides, Disney wouldn’t want to continue mutant franchises that don’t necessarily do well in a commercial or critical sense. We understand why the Mickey Mouse House would want to take a breather before adding in the X-Men franchise.

Atleast we have Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth has a lot of antics to keep us entertained while we wait.

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