Could Marvel Be Working On An Ironheart Movie To Replace Iron Man?

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July 21, 2018  04:30 PM

Now that Avengers: Infinity War’s over and done, fans have started itching for Avengers 4, the second installment in Marvel’s two-part Avengers movie.

However, while the film is expected to bring back the victims of Thanos’ finger-snapping massacre in Infinity War, Avengers 4 also marks the end of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans know that some of the heroes won’t make it out alive, and one of those expected to sacrifice themselves to bring the others back is Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr).  

Now, it seems like rumor has it that Marvel might be preparing a replacement for Tony Stark’s iteration of Iron Man. According to That Hashtag Show, a young Ironheart script has just been added to The Blacklist, a rundown of the most popular unmade screenplays in Hollywood.

Though there aren’t that many details about the script itself, we do get the name of the screenwriter: Jada Rodriguez. We also get a few details about the scripts major storyline, its description talking about how a young African American girl decides to become a superhero with the help of Tony Stark.

For those who aren’t familiar with the character, Ironheart is otherwise known as Riri Williams, Tony Stark’s Iron Man success in more recent comic book runs at Marvel. Created by the legendary Brian Michael Bendis, Riri is a young teen prodigy studying at MIT. She is eventually mentored by Tony Stark’s A.I. consciousness after she gets caught by Pepper Potts and Tony moonlighting in the Iron Man armor.

Though the script might not actually be for Marvel, it’d definitely make sense for the studio to introduce Riri in the MCU. After all, Phase 3 is coming to an end and so is the franchise’s current iteration of superheroes. If Tony were to die in Avengers 4, Marvel definitely could continue Iron Man’s legacy with Iron Heart. Don’t you think so too?

Avengers 4 premieres on May 3, 2019.

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