Charlie Cox Talks About Kingpin’s Return In Daredevil Season 3

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - July 12, 2018

Charlie Cox’s Daredevil might have been able to send Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk to jail at the end of the very first season of Daredevil, but it looks like the third season of the Marvel TV Netflix series is going to bring back the Kingpin.

Though Cox was careful not to give away too much information about Kingpin’s return in the third season of Daredevil during his interview with Collider, the actor was open to talk about sharing screen time with his co-star, D’Onofrio.

"Vincent D'Onofrio is a tour de force, huh? I don't know if could say enough good things about him. What's great about Vincent — I always think of the scenes I have with him as requiring very little acting on my part. Because he's so scary as Wilson Fisk, and he's so big, I just know if I learn my lines, when I say them, it's likely to work. Because so much of the acting is done for you just because of what he brings for you to a scene."

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Cox would gush about D’Onofrio during the interview. A lot of fans loved the actor’s version of Kingpin and many believe that the complexity of D’Onofrio’s performance was what made the first season of Daredevil the success that it was.

With so many raving about Kingpin, fans have come to expect a place for the villain in the third season of the series. Though we’re not entirely sure how large this role might be, there’s this level of certainty that Kingpin will stand out in the new season of Daredevil.

Season 3 of Daredevil is expected to premiere sometime later this year.

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