Carrie Fisher Was Worried That Star Wars Would End Her Career

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July 03, 2018  01:19 PM

Star Wars might be one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood today, but before it became the giant that it is today, no one was really sure that Star Wars: A New Hope would ever work.

Even Carrie Fisher wasn’t that sure that Star Wars would kick off. Carrie’s brother, Todd Fisher, just recently wrote My Girls, a memoir of his recently passed sister and his mother, Debbie Reynolds. In his book, Todd recounts the week before the premiere of A New Hope and how worried his sister was.

According to Todd (via Yahoo! Entertainment), no one was quite sure what the final cut of the film would look like because so much of A New Hope had to be worked on in post-production. Carrie was worried that somehow, Star Wars would ruin her burgeoning career.

“I was with [Carrie] in England when the movie was being made,” the younger Fisher wrote in his memoir. “It was cool. There was these big sets, and it had a certain amount of impressiveness to the sets. But you know you couldn’t obviously see any of the effects, so you don’t know what’s coming. And you know, people [thought Lucas was] all nuts. He’s got this giant 7-foot carpet running around called a Wookiee.”

Right before A New Hope’s premiere, Carrie was so worried that the film would flop. Back then, the Star Wars legend was squeezing her brother’s hand in panic, wanting not to get into the cinema to watch the film.

While it might seem preposterous now, we understand why Carrie would be unsure of Star Wars success. Star Wars was lightning in a bottle and way back in 1977 no one really knew that the film would snowball into other films that would, in turn, build one of the strongest and most popular franchises in cinematic history. Now the franchise has eight films in the Star Wars saga and two Star Wars spinoffs – a number that’s just going to keep going with even more trilogies and standalone movies on the way.

Lucasfilm’s latest release, Solo: A Star Wars Story is currently screening in cinemas.



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