Captain Marvel is Low Average Movie in Rotten Tomatoes Marvel List

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June 29, 2020  03:45 PM



Captain Marvel might have been one of the most highly-anticipated releases of 2019, however, the film was plagued by controversy because of traditional fanboys who didn’t like the idea of Captain Marvel leading the Avengers in future Marvel movies and because of fans who didn’t quite like Brie Larson’s defensive attitude during the promotional campaign of the film.

While Captain Marvel did well at the box office with its $1 billion worldwide haul, the film received mixed reviews from fans and critics. Some thought the film was a great introduction for Carol Danvers, and others who thought that the film was too tepid to be considered one of the best films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Others yet thought that the movie was a downright mess.

Now, a list by Rotten Tomatoes reveals Captain Marvel’s place in the MCU. Ranking all of twenty-three Marvel movies, Rotten Tomatoes’ list has Captain Marvel at number 17 above Marvel’s first Thor standalone movie and below Iron Man 3.

It’s disappointing to see Captain Marvel at the lower end of the list. Before the film’s release, Marvel marketed Carol Danvers as the future of the MCU. Captain Marvel was supposed to lead the Avengers into the future.

Unfortunately, it seems like the ace pilot’s first standalone film has been proven to be a little bit weak. Of course, one might argue that Rotten Tomatoes’ numbers have been influenced by angry fanboys against the film, however, it seems like the movie hasn’t really done better on IMDb either, earning a weighted average of 6.9/10 among users.

Let’s wait and see whether Captain Marvel 2 will be any better.

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