Captain Marvel Star Jude Law Hints At The Powers Of His Character

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January 09, 2019  09:36 PM



Captain Marvel star Jude Law might not be allowed to give away the identity of his character in Marvel’s first female-led comic book movie, but the critically-acclaimed actor seems to have no problem skirting around the topic. spoke with Law during one of their visits to the set of Captain Marvel and the entertainment news outlet got some early hints at what kind of powers the actor’s character might have in the upcoming movie.

Law was pretty careful with his response, saying that his character would have a pretty simple taste in weaponry.

“He’s a pistol and knife man,” the actor told the publication.

Despite his guarded demeanor, Law did tease some of the extraordinary powers that the Kree warrior would have in Captain Marvel.

"I've got this kind of cool business I can do with gravity [laughs],” the actor said.

As exciting as this sounds, this doesn’t really give away too many hints what kind of character Law might be playing in Captain Marvel. While Marvel’s been trying its best to keep a lid on Law’s identity in the movie, there’s been speculation that the actor could be playing either the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel, or Yon-Rogg, his Kree rival and enemy.

What’s tricky here is that Mar-Vell and Yon-Rogg are both Kree, so Law could be either one of the two. Earlier this year, Disney let slip that Law was actually going to be Mar-Vell, naming him as the original Captain Marvel on the movie’s website. It wasn’t too long after that they edited the description.

However, as revealing as that might seem, merchandise for Captain Marvel also had Law named as Yon-Rogg.

If anything, Marvel’s just keeping fans in circles to keep them from spoiling themselves, really.

Captain Marvel premieres March 8, 2019.

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