Blizzard Employee Claims Racial Discrimination Forced Him To Leave The Company

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January 10, 2019  01:53 PM


Blizzard might be one of America’s top videogame developing companies, but even the company in charge of hit games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft has to battle with racial abuse and discrimination.

A former Blizzard employee just made a post on Twitter claiming that a co-worker named Gemma Barreda had been consistently describing him as a sexist in private conversations with himself and with other co-workers in 2016. According to this employee going by the Twitter name M.C., Barreda would only make her claims about his sexism because of his Mexican roots.

M.C. also talks about his spiral into anxiety and depression in his post, saying that these mental illnesses forced him to take a leave of absence from the company. He tried to approach the higher-ups in the company about the allegations of sexism by Barreda, however, the company took no mind. Ultimately, these claims of sexism forced him to leave Blizzard.

 According to M.C., his experience with the videogame developer affected his reaction to the company’s revelation regarding the sexuality of Overwatch character Soldier 76. Blizzard recently revealed Soldier 76 as gay, and the announcement triggered the former company employee, calling the attempt at diversifying Overwatch as “Blizzard’s very convenient gay smokescreen.”

Though this report still remains largely unsubstantiated, this story has stirred quite some controversy, and netizens have started calling out on Blizzard and its inaction. Of course, while Blizzard has yet to issue a statement on the matter if this post by M.C. turns out to be true, then we shouldn’t support the company.

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