Avengers 4 Directors Are Very “Certain” The X-Men And Deadpool Will Arrive In The MCU

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December 04, 2018  06:42 PM



Disney and 21st Century Fox might have a long way to go to complete the merger that they agreed on after the Mickey Mouse House acquisition, but Avengers 4 directors Joe and Anthony Russo are both very certain that Deadpool and the X-Men will make their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon.

The Russos recently attended Business Insider’s Ignition Conference and during the event, the Marvel directors were asked about Fox’s mutant characters eventually appearing in the MCU (via Insider). While the filmmakers couldn’t give any information on when exactly would Marvel incorporate the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Deadpool and all of other Fox’s mutant characters, they could give their certainty that it would happen soon.

“I’m sure of it,” Joe said. "I'm certain, with [Marvel Studios President] Kevin Feige, who also has been on a historic run in the business, that he is going to incorporate those characters under the large Marvel umbrella.”

Of course, it might take some time. After all, Marvel has to take into consideration the few X-Men films remaining under Fox’s roster, as well as the time it’s going to take to properly sew in the mutant characters into the MCU timeline. It won’t be easy, but Marvel’s various novels and encyclopedias have been slowly retconning Scarlet Witch’s origin, making room for the possibility of mutant power.

For now, fans should focus on Marvel’s upcoming films, like Captain Marvel, Avengers 4, and Spider-Man: Far From Home.  This week, Marvel released the first official trailer for Captain Marvel. The first teaser for Avengers 4 is expected to drop this Friday.

Avengers 4 is set to premiere on May 3, 2019.

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