Aquaman’s Jason Momoa Would Love To Play Wolverine For The MCU

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June 17, 2019  07:40 PM



Knowing that Hugh Jackman has resigned from his role as Wolverine and that Disney is planning to reboot the X-Men franchise after X-Men: Dark Phoenix, fans have been wondering who Marvel might cast as everyone’s adamantium-clawed mutant.

Tom Hardy has been rumored for the part. So has Suicide Squad star Jai Courtney and The Hobbit Trilogy’s Richard Armitage. Lanky as he may be, Hollywood A-lister Keanu Reeves has expressed interest in the role.

Now, it looks like DC’s Aquaman star Jason Mamoa is also interested in the part. Speaking with fans at this year’s Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, the Game of Thrones actor who had become DC’s Arthur Curry was asked which Marvel character he’d ever want to play if he’d be given the chance to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Wolverine. Oh I’d love to play Wolverine,” Momoa admitted during the convention.

Discussing the points about how Jackman retired from the role, Momoa praised the Australian actor, calling him “phenomenal,” and saying that he was a large part of why he loves Wolverine.

The idea of Momoa as the new Wolverine may seem rather exciting, but it might not be possible considering his commitment to the DC Extended Universe. Warner Brother’s Aquaman movie was a total success, and fans are looking forward to a sequel.

Not only that, but Marvel isn’t rushing the X-Men reboot. Marvel Studios is going to take its time bringing the X-Men into the MCU – unsurprising considering how X-Men: Dark Phoenix turned out.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is currently screening in cinemas.

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