Aquaman Is The DCEU’s Best Chinese Debut Since Batman v Superman's Premiere

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December 06, 2018  08:54 PM



Aquaman just made its way to Chinese seas before its actual premiere and it looks like the DC Extended Universe installment is making waves at the Chinese box office.

Forbes has the numbers for Aquaman’s big Chinese premiere and it looks like James Wan’s DCEU movie just raked in a total of $1.19 million during its Thursday night preview screenings debut, making it the second highest-opening for Warner Brother’s burgeoning superhero franchise. It’s massive opening places Aquaman right behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a blockbuster that earned $1.35 million during its Chinese opening back in 2016.  

With screenings to continue, analysts expect Aquaman to bring in $17.5 million today and another $52 million over the weekend, making for a total of $69.5 million during the film’s opening weekend in China. If the film manages to make more than $77 million during its weekend opening, then Aquaman would become the biggest DCEU film to ever launch in China.

Analysts have a strong outlook for the film believing that Aquaman might be able to exceed expectations with positive word of mouth and great reviews. Reactions to early screenings of the film not only compared Aquaman to The Lord of the Rings, but fans and critics also likened a few scenes from the film to Star Wars. The film was showered with praise for its color and for its spectacle.

Of course, we’ve yet to see whether Aquaman beats Venom’s massive $111 million opening weekend in China, but we’re hoping that it does.

Aquaman swims to cinemas December 21, 2018.

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