Adult Swim Uzumaki Adaptation Finds Its Lead Voice Actress

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July 08, 2020  04:31 PM

Anime fans were thrilled when word came out that Adult Swim was adapting anime horror legend Junji Ito’s Uzamaki. The seinen manga series has been considered as one of the mangaka’s most popular work and has been nominated for an Eisner Award in 2003.

Now, the official Uzamaki Twitter handle has dropped major news for the upcoming Adult Swim Uzumaki adaptation. According to the Twitter account, Hunter x Hunter voice actress Uki Satake will be lending her talents for the series, giving life to lead character Kirie Goshima.



This is big news for anime fans. Satake has worked on quite a number of other anime series before. She’s lent her voice for classics like Space Dandy and newer favorites like Mob Pyscho 100 as well as Carole and Tuesday.

For those who aren’t familiar with the manga, Uzumaki tells the story of the citizens of Kurouzu-Cho, a fictional city plagued by a supernatural curse of spirals. Told in an anthology form, Uzumaki follows the town’s citizens as it is haunted by an obsession with spirals and supernatural phenomena that involve spirals.

In Uzumaki, Kirie Goshima is presented as a complicated character who watches as her town gets swallowed by the curse of spiral.

We can’t wait to hear more news about this upcoming manga. Now that Adult Swim has its female voice actress in place, the studio is expected to announce the voice actor for Shuichi Saito, Kirie’s boyfriend.

Uzumaki has yet to receive a release date but we’ll update fans as soon as we get word.

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