A Scene In Venom Prevents A Future Spider-Man Crossover

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October 13, 2018  02:50 PM



Warning: This article contains spoilers for Venom.

Venom’s producers might still be hoping that they can get Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to meet together with Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock, but it looks like a scene in Sony’s Symbiote standalone movie might be making it difficult for the two to appear in a movie together.

According to ComicBook.com, retconning Venom for the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be nearly impossible now that Hardy’s comic book movie is now finally screening in cinemas. While fans might still be holding on to the hope that Venom might make his way to the MCU, the premise of Venom might be holding the symbiote back.

In a scene in the film, fans get to see Life Foundation’s Dr, Dora Skirth approaching Eddie Brock for help. The Life Foundation’s President, the billionaire inventor Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) has just gone too far in his attempts at fusing symbiotes together with humans and in the scene, fans get to see Eddie express surprise after learning about the existence of aliens.

While this might not seem like much of a stumbling block, Marvel fans know that aliens have long been accepted in the MCU ever since the Battle of New York in the 2012 MCU movie, The Avengers.

This seemingly insignificant scene causes a rift between the realities of the MCU and the SUMC, keeping Venom and Spider-Man apart from each other.

Of course, Marvel and Sony could still work out a way to retcon this particular moment in the movie, though we do think it might be a little bit difficult for both studios. So much for hoping for a Spider-Man x Venom crossover.

Venom is currently screening in cinemas.

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