This Hellboy Character Almost Got His Own Spin-off

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - May 17, 2017

Hellboy has come a long way. From being a mere idea that had been permanently killed off as a threequel under Guillermo del Toro to the now hyped reboot under Neil Marshall’s direction with Stranger Things star David Harbour to play the titular role, fans have a lot to mull about in the past couple of days.

However, even before any of these were in motion, it appears that another one of Hellboy’s pals should have had his own series. What’s more, it would’ve been an extension of the second one’s storyline.

Peter Briggs, the writer responsible for the first Hellboy, film had dropped a bomb via his Facebook regarding an interesting project he had. Apparently, he was reeled in since 2010 to develop a spin-off for none other than Abe Sapien.

“While I’ve got nothing to do with the reboot, I have been working with Universal Pictures on another Hellboy spinoff project since 2010… The story had a sort of Highlander structure to it. Moving into their new Bureau For Paranormal Research And Defense headquarters in Colorado, Abe is troubled still by his psychic connection with Princess Nuala from Hellboy 2, so researches the history of Nuala and Nuada.”

The project had already gone quite the length, with a working title Hellboy: Silverlance and a pretty neat storyline. The series should’ve pursued the connection he made at the last film, and even a time walk-through of sorts in different phases of the world as seen by Nuada.

If there was anything to look forward to in the cancelled series, it would be Agent Myers’ return. I liked the innocent boy routine he had, and it would be nice to see Rupert Evans back in the game.

For now, Briggs himself said that the announcement of Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen probably signaled that the Abe spin-off will never happen. Still, he is happy with the reboot, especially being a fan of the franchise himself.

We may not see possibly one of the more interesting characters in Hellboy in his own show, but here’s hoping that Abe will be in the reboot.

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