The First Six Episode Titles Of Star Wars Rebels Are Here

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - September 13, 2017

Star Wars Rebels is slowly making its way back for its fourth and final season on DisneyXD and though fans still have a month till the season premiere, it seems like the first six episodes of the popular Star Wars animated series’ final chapter have been leaked.

Jedi-Bibliothek (translation via Star Wars News Net) has listed down the first few episodes of Star Wars Rebels season 4 and it looks like we’ll be getting back-to-back episodes this October.  

Episodes 1 & 2: “Heroes of Mandalore: Part 1 & 2” scheduled to air October 16, 2017

Episodes 3 & 4: “In the Name of the Rebellion: Part 1 & 2” scheduled to air October 23, 2017

Episode 5: “The Occupation” scheduled to air October 30, 2017

Episode 6: “Flight of the Defender” scheduled to air October 30, 2017

Looking at the release pattern, fans get to see that Disney and Lucasfilm have arranged the season 4 episodes to come in batches of 2 every Monday, with part one and two of Heroes of Mandalore set to hit DisneyXD on October 16, part one and two of In the Name of the Rebellion set for October 23, and The Occupation and Flight of the Defender on October 30.

That’s not all. The studio has also changed the series' timeslot, allowing each new episode to premiere at 12:30 in the morning and then airing it in four intervals throughout the day. Looks like Star Wars Rebels fans have a lot to look forward to this October.



Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 makes its big premiere on October 16 on DisneyXD.

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