Stranger Things 2 Producer to Direct Sci-fi Drama

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - May 18, 2017

There’s just a little less than half a year until we finally get the second dose of Stranger Things. However, one of its producers, Shawn Levy, is looking at a very tight schedule with his new directorial sci-fi drama.

According to Deadline, Levy will be with 21 Laps’ Dan Levine to direct and co-produce The Fall. The script’s rights had already been sold last year, and it’s about a couple who just got divorced with an alien invasion making the city extra dangerous. The vibe of the story straddles sci-fi and drama, as the couple’s own secrets in the marriage are explored just as viewers feel the danger that the invasion brings to their family.

Other names that have been confirmed onboard the project are 21 Laps’ Dan Cohen and Madhouse’s Robyn Meisenger as executive producers as well as Adam Kolbrenner as producer.

This isn’t the first time that Levy has worked with Amblin, since they already had the Real Steel project together. As for Levy’s 21 Laps, it has recently received raise not only with Stranger Things, but also with Arrival, which has been among the surprise sci-fi hits in recent memory.

Levy and his company will be seeing quite the packed schedule. Stranger Things 2 shoot aside, other sci-fi takes are waiting, including The Darkest Minds for Fox, Kin for Lionsgate, and Kodachrome drama. As far as movies are concerned, video game fans know that he’s looking at directing Uncharted, which is an action adventure based on a video game series of the same title.

Stranger Things 2 will be back on Netflix this Halloween.

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