Star Wars Battlefront II: Check Out Gameplay With Main Hero Iden Verso

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - October 12, 2017

The Star Wars Battlefront II beta has come and gone, and though players were able to access some cool stuff, we weren’t able to sample the game’s new hero, Iden Verso. We have a new clip of Iden’s gameplay here, and we can see that she comes with a slew of cool abilities of her own.

As you can see, Iden’s special abilities mostly come from the droid on her back. The droid has the ability to generate a force field during combat, and it can also stun enemies when Iden needs it to. She also makes use ofa special pulse cannon.

We also get some new gameplay footage for Han Solo, who was available for play during the beta. We get to see him walk around in several different maps like Jakku and Yavin IV. Plus we also get to see Iden go head-to-head with who seems to be Rey on Mos Eisley.

With Battlefront 2015 being considered a huge dud by the Star Wars fan community, hopefully they’ll prefer what EA and DICE have in store for Battlefront II. Besides the increased number of maps and characters, we’ll also be getting a campaign mission this time around—something everyone sorely wanted from the first game.


Hopefully Star Wars Battlefront II won’t be a letdown like the first one was. BFII comes out Nov. 17.

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