Speeder Crash Burns In Ron Howard’s New Han Solo Set Video

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - August 10, 2017

Han Solo’s new director Ron Howard has been busy calming down fans after Lucasfilm decided to fire the spinoff’s previous directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller over “creative differences.” Posting on social media, Howard’s been sharing various photos taken from the set of the highly anticipated standalone.

Now, the director’s shares short video featuring a busted speeder bike on fire.  Posted on Twitter, the video lasts for around seven seconds and shows the bike without any context. Check it out down here:


It’s a short video that doesn’t really give away much of the upcoming Star Wars spinoff, however fans can certainly tell that the person who’s been riding the speeder bike, whoever it is, is definitely not having a good day.

The newest post in a series of Han Solo images shared on his social media accounts, Howards’ new video also assures fans that the standalone’s production is doing well. Lord and Miller’s departure from the project right in the middle of production caused a lot of anxiety in the Star Wars community and ever since he’s been put in charge of Han Solo, Howard’s been updating everyone with set images and videos.

Han Solo is scheduled to premiere on May 25, 2018.

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