Secret Empire’s Captain America Gets a Hydra Costume Makeover

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - February 17, 2017

One of the most shocking developments in recent Marvel history is the reveal that our Golden Boy is actually a Hydra operative in Secret Empire. Granted, he was actually the good guy before the Cosmic Cube had taken over to rewrite his own story. Now that’s said and done, the new comics event will be highlighted by Captain America’s new costume for a total makeover.

Marvel revealed (via the new costume, which trades the signature blue and red to Hydra’s green uniform.

We see the Hydra costume sneak peek in the cover of Secret Empire #0. While Steve Rogers still has on the most of the Captain America costume, there’s a sneak peek of the chest torn out to reveal the gold and green Hydra symbol and uniform underneath. It’s a pretty neat frame, if only because it shows just how deep the change in Steve Rogers is.

Beyond the comics, there’s also a Secret Empire Marvel toy sighted, where Steve is sporting a similar costume to his Captain America one. However, the color has been changed to green, gold, and white, including the shield. There’s also another shield in the kit that swaps the signature star for the Hydra logo.

The toy looks fairly official, though the noted differences between the costumes are very telling. In the comics, the star has been overwritten by the Hydra logo, while the sleeves of the costume are gold rather than green.

We’ll see once Secret Empire truly unfolds. Free Comic Book Day also has an exclusive version for Secret Empire, something that fans may want to grab for themselves.

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