Russia Has Its Own Set of ‘Guardians’

Author Thumbnail BY Tiny Diapana - January 11, 2017

Russia’s getting its very own Guardians superhero movie and by the looks of the trailer, the film just might kick ass.

A neo-noir superhero movie being directed by Sarik Andreasyan, the Guardians features a team of superheroes from the Soviet Union that was created during the Cold War. The film also has a new two-minute long trailer that gets a pretty dark start as the video shows the derelict remains of the world. With governments and corporations abusing the planet, we get to see four Russian superheroes being brought out of retirement to bring the world back to order.

The trailer also shows off the different abilities of the squad – focusing on what seems to be the leader of the band, a half-man, half-bear. Wielding a Gatling gun, the character reminds people of Marvel’s Rocket Racoon, though the character may have more significance in Russia other than comic relief since the bear is a cultural icon of the country.

Packed with great stunts, decent CGI and interesting visuals, it looks like Russia’s Guardians might do well in the superhero film race.

Guardians  is slated for release in Russian cinemas on February 23 this year. 

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