Rogue One’s Jyn & Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker Shared a Same Goal

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - March 20, 2017

The hero’s star is a tale that has been told in almost every manner possible. That’s why it’s easy to see similarities, whatever the character, universe, gender or even backstory that the hero has.

That’s probably why Rogue One felt like a familiar tale between protagonist Jyn Erso and the original movie’s Luke Skywalker—yes, even if the former had died a more heroic death so far.

Even with this criticism, writer Gary White shared that the way that they had created the story had organically written itself into the plot that ended up in the spinoff’s final cut. Speaking to, White shared that they had started with Jyn hating the Empire for what they had done to her father. But the story evolved from there as well.

“We came up with the idea that her father wasn’t killed, but he was kind of abducted by the Empire and forced to work on the Death Star, and that was kind of, I think, the big eureka moment for us when we figured out the idea that the father should be the scientist who kind of reluctantly helped the Empire build Death Star, but was determined in some way to find a way out, to kind of undo the terrible wrong that he’d been forced to commit.”

The similar thread can be seen in the redemption for their fathers. Jyn had focused on exploiting the flaw that Galen had created in the Death Star to redeem him. In the same manner, Luke had unwittingly been trying to redeem Darth Vader’s darkness and unravel it to provide a new hope.

Perhaps the difference, if one looks real hard, is the emotions that drive each of the characters. The story of redemption, after all, is just as old and as used in any hero’s plot, so we’re not that worried nor critical of how Rogue One turned out.

Rogue One is headed to digital HD this month, with the Blu-ray and DVD coming in April.

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