Parks and Rec Star Aubrey Plaza Wants To Play Catwoman For The DCEU

Author Thumbnail BY Bayani Miguel Acebedo - July 17, 2017

David Ayer may not be working on the Suicide Squad sequel but he is hard at work at another ensemble piece called Gotham City Sirens which will have Harley Quinn teaming up with other DC femme fatales like Catwoman and Poison Ivy. We still don’t have any cast listings other than Margot Robbie, but we know someone who wants to play Catwoman.

During an AMA on Reddit for her movie The Little Hours, Plaza was asked which movie she would want to be part of, to which she simply answered:

“I want to be [Catwoman]”

A lot of fans definitely agree that Plaza has what it takes after she played the villain for Legion, but some fans also agree that her somber attitude could be better suited for Raven from Teen Titans. I’m a big fan of her since Parks and Rec and I would love Plaza to join the DCEU family, whether it be GCS or Teen Titans, I’d be happy if she starred in the movie that came out sooner.

It’s also interesting to note that Plaza has played another cat before as she provided the voice for Grumpy Cat in the 2014 TV movie. That movie didn’t get the best reviews, but Plaza is still definitely fun to watch onscreen.

No official release date has been announced for Gotham City Sirens, but hopefully we get an update this coming SDCC 2017.

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