One Piece Film Gold Home Release Features Limited Edition Treasure Chest

Author Thumbnail BY Gel Galang - December 05, 2016

Want to have your very own pirate treasure chest?  Now it's possible, thanks to the home video release by none other than the One Piece Film Gold limited edition home video release.

After enjoying quite the great run in Japan, as well as the expected insane turnout in US theaters once premiere stars, the official website (via Anime News Network) has announced the limited edition set for the home video.

Pictured above, the One Piece Film Gold will come with an exclusive treasure chest because, well, why not?

The One Piece Film Gold Blu-ray Limited Edition box set boasts a copy of the film with the special treasure chest, which features a padlock, ornate trimmings, and 100 plastic gold coins that bear the film's logo. The set s available via Pony Canyon for 28,000 yen (approx. US$246).

In case you're not interested in extra booty, you can also opt for other editions of the film.

There's the Golden Limited Edition, which has the Tesoro and Carina earring charms, a fountain pain, the original Gran Tesoro board game, casino chip menko cards, cards featuring the Straw Hat pirates, a press card, and a Blu-ray Disc and DVD with promotional videos, behind-the-scenes, and other extras. Opting for the Blu-ray and DVD combo will net you 8,300 yen (approx. US$73) while the two-disc DVD set is at 7,300 yen (US$64).

The Standard Edition is just at half the price at 4,7000 yen (approx. US$41) for Blu-ray and 3,800 yen (approx. US$33) for DVD. While it doesn't come with the sweet physical extras, it bundles the TV commercials and trailers.

One Piece Film Gold will be available in Japan via home video on Dec. 28.

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